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Why ANTS is needed

Tamils in New Zealand are spread over the entire country. Distance has prevented us from forming large communities. A moderate numbers of well-organized Tamil Sangams or Tamil Societies in New Zealand are present in large city areas where there is sufficient number of Tamils to foster a sense of Tamil Togetherness. By and large, most Tamil Sangams consist of slightly more than 100 active families. Tamil families living in smaller towns all across New Zealand currently do not enjoy the privilege of being part of any Tamil Sangams or Tamil societies. ANTS provides a platform for all Tamils in New Zealand to be part of a national-level federation and connect to each other and make their voice heard.

Networking among regional-based Tamil Sangams offer the possibilities of connectivity, stability, and increased resources. ANTS meets this need. ANTS is a platform for developing connectivity among the Tamil Communities in New Zealand.  ANTS’s primary objective is the preservation and growth of Tamil Language, Culture, and Community.

We are a growing community where our projects are crucial for the wellbeing of our community. The projects that we undertake would serve as a testimony as New Zealand’s legacy as a culturally pluralistic and socially cohesive place to live in. Long standing and assimilated members of the Tamil community in New Zealand and migrants and newcomers to New Zealand that participate in our projects will offer information about New Zealand, share their experiences and other valuable information with other communities in New Zealand and to global citizens in other countries. As the federation of a community with growing numbers and importance to New Zealand, ANTS would play an influential role as an important stakeholder in participating, contributing and monitoring on legislation-related issues that affects the interests of the ethnic communities throughout New Zealand.

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